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GUI Design

Man, I realized how much I just suck at/hate doing GUI design. Well MFC applications in particular... As much as I love doing work like that.. I've finally realized just how annoying MFC actually is.

I should look back into doing apps using GTK2.0 for windows or whatever. GTK is easier (For me) than MFC in the long run. At least I belive it will be, my experience with GTK is quite limited too.

What I've realized is I like doing consoleish programming more. Like php/perl/asp which doesn't involve gui directly. Or like linux applications, like Dark Wars. Even AI programming on games is good.. I just don't like MFC, I love the message handling and all that other stuff though.

Its kinda nice to get this revelation now. I am much more prepared this way to start job hunting. Learn some ASP.NET and start applying along that route.. even Java GUI would be more fun than doing GUI appplications.

I donno how explain it. Its quite rewarding never the less to get this discovery.

It doesn't mean I won't do MFC applications, I just don't really want to do it in the job world.