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Time Travel & Crushes

As much as I know about time travel, a good old fashion show about it, still peaks my interest. Last year I had a teacher who in dept explained to us the true concept of time, and the theories used to time travel.. How impossible it would be, etc, but did tell us that it is scientificly possible to predict the future, it was highly Unlikely..

Anyways, since I'm still sick at home nursing whats left of this strep throat, I watch alot of tv (my social life, the little I had, seems to be affected by being sick).. Lately I've gotten back into 7 Days. I have no idea why I like science fiction so much. I've had teachers, documents, whatever, explain to me how things are not possible, but I still enjoy them so much. This from someone who really doesn't have much belief in magic, which is the same sorta thing from my point of view.

Heck, I'm still a pretty die hard fan of Star Trek, Except maybe enterprise, which can be only considered worth watching if you do not really consider it a Star Trek show. It has so many story holes, juse like Episode 2, and somewhat Episode 1 of StarWars did, except starwars movies just ruined the extended storylines of the books, while Enterprise (notice how the title doesn't actually say star trek 😛)

Anyways, back to 7 Days, I think one of the reasons whay I find it cool, and I guess why I like science fiction in general, is that it has some baises in reality. 7 Days uses time travel technology, it follows most of the rules that quantum mechnics say about time travel, except for the fact that they really wouldn't have the technology todo so, but everything else seems real. A trip to the past, changes it, so while the future can be predicted, a change in a particle/atom/etc's path, then it can majorly change the future.

Yea, thats my thing about Time Travel / Sci-Fi.