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Interesting thing society has turned into, piracy, theif, murder, all becomeing so common, people just don't seem to blink much anymore.

I was at a meeting a few days ago, before it started, people were talking about cracked copies of windows xp, and pirated versions of windows 2000. I'm not saying i'm pure and such, but about 95% of my software is licenced in some form or another, or freeware.. there is i think one peice of software that i have that isn't owned by me, and thats because i don't want the newer versions, i love this old version 2 (they are up to version 5 i think now).

Anyways, its really weird, we have people opening talking about, and bragging about the software that they pirated, being like "no worries, i'll get you a copy tommorow", thats including teachers in the room (he never said he had any of it, but still).

i donno, just seems odd, i remember when i was in grade 8, and a huge games pirator, and the first with a cd burner, it was all hush hush, now everyones talking about it, and doing it, etc.

And its not just with computer piracy, Movies, TV shows, comic books, all about master thieves, and people really enjoy reading it, heck, pirates are just theves with a cool background.

Its sad really, but i guess that could just be me

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Tammy: Naw, I think it's sad too.

The more technologically advanced of my friends pirate movies and console games all the time and gladly give me free copies, though I can't accept them because I don't have a DVD player or any consoles whatsoever... shut up. My brother plays all these emulated console games on the computer. I pretty bad, too. But I mean, buying music CDs seems like such a rip-off now! Even with the new taxes on blank discs it's cheaper.

Sorry. But yeah, this is bad. Not for the big industries and pop bands, though--they'll never run out of money. I think it's bad for the little guys in the media world who really need the profits from record/game/software sales. Maybe they need to enforce stricter laws or something... hahahhaa yeah right.

Gavin: Yea, i've spent the last couple of days bitching to people who buy the Hong Kong rip offs, they are .. well supporting pirates, if you are cheap or unemployed (like i am) download anime or movies, but don't buy knock-offs.

I've spent half my left over money on dvds, and will get a huge amount when i start getting a solid income.

I've started to buy cds again (didn't have a cd player until recently, so it was useless), and my dvd collection is ever growing, i try to buy things when i've downloaded and listened/watched them for any length of time (anime series i've seen in completion i try to get, etc).

And as for small companies, think of Gnosis Games when we release ReVolve.

Stephen F. Menton: in college i became a pirate, a BIG time prate. i ran a large 0-day site, then the second largest MP3 site in the world for a bit. i was WHQ for multiple groups, USHQ for some big names, and a distro for every major warez crew out there.

then one day i changed. honestly my GF was the motivation. she made me actually think about the morality of everything. within a week i ahd all but disappeared. over the next 2 years i tapered off t being anti-piracy on everything. since then it's just been growing more and more, my irritation with it all, with this sense of theft being OK, that somehow it's "victimless crime"...

i moved out of my house once, paid well over $6000 to do so, because people were pirating anime and MP3s downstairs. i am THAT against piracy. i hate it. i've considered ditching some of my friends because they pirate music, movies et al.

don't get me wrong, i've sinned on occasion. but my morality, my conscience, my sense of what's right always gets the better of me and i always feel guilt later for what i've done. in the past 3 years i can think of 4 times i've pirated something. once was a MP3 of a song i had on hold at Tower Records but couldn't get to. ocne was an MP3 of a song on a CD i had owned but that was stolen from me. i shortly deleted it, rebought the CD, then re-ripped it. once was hentai anime and i felt horrible for doing it and have since deleted it. the last time you know about, and the CD has been destroyed.

i too am thoroughly disgusted with the social acceptance of theft, the glorification of it all even. i am regularly lambasted for my disconnect from society in my staunch opposition to it... but it's part of who i am. i am anti-piracy. i am very anti-piracy.

Gavin: there are two understandable uses of piracy in my mind. other than that, its .. well its always wrong.

I'm a lan party pirate, i'll copy a friends cd to play a game at a lan party, mainly just because i never have a use for those games afterwards. And i never did touch them again other then to move em to somewhere else, when i had multiple lan parties, i'd often get the game of choice.

The other somewhat acceptable but still wrong, are movie and game studios who cannot pay these outragious fees that accompany graphics and modeling packages. I own copies of Visual Studios and visual basic, only 'cause dad got them for me long ago, but they are the cheapest dev software i've seen.. but the maya and as you know, photoshop prices are outragous.. Its quite common to pirate those software, and when you get someone to buy your game (or movie) then you go out and buy some copies of the software.. Again, not promoting it, but its more acceptable than just "'cause i can"

My warez piracy days are long since over, my anime days arn't over yet, but when i get income, it'll be nearly gone, i'll be able to rent and buy things comfortably, i am however trying my best to buy any series i can afford, up until the point its dangerous to live (i was like that until my rebate came in.. stupid con auction).

As for music, i'm usually listening to streams of some sort or another, i am not sure, nor do i want to press into the legality of them, but they are better than massive amounts of pirating.

shrug i'm not good yet, but doing alot better.

mr. anderson: you are all a bunch of pussys, most people pirate because we are just too damn lazy to buy shit and beside say u only want one song on a cd, ur just gunna go out and pay like 15 bucks for 1 song, no, fuck that shit.