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Girlfriends, Well Boyfriends too

Yea, its about time that I finally got to this rant, its been bugging me for a Long time now.

I have a great tendency to focus my attention on the female population, not because I'm into hitting on girls, just that the girls seem to have the ability to get me and understand me a lot better than males do. Granted, as of late, there are more and more guys who I hang out with and understand, but still.

Anyways, back to the point at hand, I've found, for whatever reason, that a lot of people these days are making their girlfriends or boyfriends their entire life. It almost seems like you are hanging out with the SO instead of them.

Them: "My boyfriend goes to that school too, he takes the ... program"

me: "Really? and what do you take?"

Them: "he's really enjoying it"...

Which pretty much turns me right off there from wanting anything more to to-do with them EVER.

Then we have the increasingly popular "I can't do that 'cause my boyfriend wont' let me"... Is it really up to them to let you do things? Sure they can find things uncomfortable, sure they should voice their opinion, but in the end, its your choice, even then "My boyfriend isn't exactly comfortable with me doing that, how about something else?" is better than saying that they won't let you.

Now that I've got repeatedly distracted, I really forgot the entire point of this rant. BUTTT, I do know its really annoying. People should live their lives first, then have a girlfriend/boyfriend, and most importantly, that its their lives, and not to live through someone else.

Now that I've said that, I shamefully admit I have, in the past, tried to live my life through other people, in fact sometimes i really enjoyed it, but controlling what you can and can't do, say, or think, its beyond .. well stupid.. it makes you a vegetable, and vegetables are dull, boring, and annoying to hang out with.

That is all.

Comments #

Me: You got it in one! Wanna go to a club tonight I dont think my girlfriend wants to go.

Gavin: I havn't had that one ... well yet, but i know how frustrating it is.. mr anonymous..