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Knights of the Old Republic

After being out of playing games for so long, I've been dying to play Knights of the Old Republic after I've seen some of the commercials. Unfortunately i just learned that it won't be coming out for the PC until October, what a rip off.

I'm such a sucker when it comes to Star Wars, I mean i own a good chunk of the games (there are a few games related to the first movie that i don't own, but whatever). I have Dark Forces, which sucked, Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, which rocked, and then Jedi Knight 2 (is that Dark Forces 3?), which was also an awsome game. And lastly, we can't forget Jedi Outcast, which was extremely fun, Unfortunately I don't think I've finished any of them, except maybe Jedi Knight 1. I suck when it comes to following through with games.

Even back when I was creating and playing on muds, They were almost all Star Wars based, I just loved the universe created there. Speaking of which, I've created a project for Unknown Regions at my new project server database thingie.

Sadly, since its taken so long to come back to this entry, I've sorta forgotten what my point was... Guess nothing other than I'm a sucker for Star Wars games, since I love bioware games, i can't wait till it comes out. Man do i want it.. I'm even considering taking a stab at Star Wars galaxies, except I am so not into those games.